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8 - 15 Jan 2017. Week 2. The death of the adult male lion Xpl-98 in the Ugab River opposite the Brandberg was investigated and the results were submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Tourism. Due to the negative comments and biased criticism that the incident attracted on some social media platforms, the Desert Lion Project decided to refrain from providing more information on this website. <> The last “Musketeer” (Xpl-93 “Tullamore”) was observed in the Okongwe Mountains and drinking at the Okongwe waterhole (photos: row 1, 2 & 3). At least two of the Okongwe lionesses appear to be pregnant and they are expected to give birth in the next few weeks. <> The Hoanib Pride lioness (Xpl-59) was observed with four small cubs feeding on a zebra carcass. Observations suggest that there are at least one male and one female cub. <> Three sub-adult lions (Xpl-103 & co.), the previous litter of the Hoanib Pride, were observed in the lower Ganamub River. <> The three orphan cubs of the Floodplain Pride (Xpl-106 & co.) absorbed the hostile efforts of the lioness (Xpl-69) to displace them and they consumed most of the kudu carcass that the lioness killed in the dunes west of the Hoanib Floodplain (photos: bottom 2 rows).