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16 May 2017. Remarkable Floodplain Cubs. The three orphan cubs of the Hoanib Floodplain Pride were last observed 6 weeks ago near the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp (see 9 Apr 2017). There was concern over their wellbeing because most of the prey species have vacated the area due to the rain and the flooding rivers have restricted access to the area by vehicle. The three large cubs were located today near Oasis spring at the mouth of the Hoanib River (photos below). They were in good condition with full bellies from a recent meal. The cubs are now 18 months old. They have survived against all odds after their mother (Xpl-55) died from wounds that she sustained from killing an adult male leopard 7 seven months ago. Research and monitoring continued throughout the remainder of the study area. Four new satellite collars, two newly designed “Early Warning System” collars (aimed at addressing Human-Lion Conflict) and one new VHF radio collar were fitted to key lions between the Hoanib and Ugab Rivers.