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28 Sep 2016. Statement. The Desert Lion Project was informed of on-going criticism against the Project and its personnel on some social media platforms. The Desert Lion Project would like to state that a) the website is the sole and official outlet of information on the Project, b) any information and images on the Project that appear on social media platforms, like Facebook, are copied by independent third parties, c) the Desert Lion Project is the only party with a legal permit issued by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism to conduct research and address incidents of human-lion conflict in the area, and d) third parties that report on the ecology of the desert-adapted lions and human-lion conflict management on social media platforms are doing so using information from the Desert Lion website and radio telemetry, to track lions with radio collars fitted by the Desert Lion Project, in order to further their goals. Conserving free-ranging lions is complex and difficult at the best of times and all involved parties ought to collaborate towards the common goal.

07 Oct 2016. Son of "Terrace Male". Before the legendary “Terrace Male” Xpl-68 embarked on his remarkable journey that took him deep into Angola (see Xpl-68 Summary), he fathered two litters of cubs with the Huab Pride lionesses in 2012. Of those cubs two males survived to adulthood and they have since become the Ugab males. One of the males, Xpl-98, is a splitting image of the “Terrace Male” (photos below).

Xpl-68 "Terrace Male" at 6.5 years - Hoaruseb River Xpl-68 "Terrace Male" at 5.9 years - Hoanib Floodplain
Xpl-98 at 4.8 years - lower Huab River