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24 - 31 Jan 2017. Week 4 - Notice. The Desert Lion Project and the information posted on this website has become the target of an increasingly calculated and vindictive onslaught by a single party on some social media platforms. The Desert Lion Project is therefore sad to announce that it has become necessary to stop all further NEWS updates to the website until further notice. We apologise to all the supporters of the Desert lion population, the surrounding local communities and the general public at large. <> In response to criticism of the cheetah update of Week 3 we would like to clarify that during the past two years the Desert Lion Project assisted the Ministry of Environment & Tourism and the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin (IZW) by locating and fitting satellite collars to two cheetahs and one leopard. The information collected from these satellite collars helped IZW to develop an appropriate sampling design towards the National cheetah & leopard surveys orchestrated by the Ministry of Environment & Tourism (photo: top row). <> This update does however include a bit of good news: the Orowau male (Xpl-81 “Kebbel”) found the Floodplain lioness Xpl-69 that is in oestrous and they have been mating for the past three days (photos: Bottom two rows).