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13 Sep 2014. Male Lion. A young adult male lion was observed west of Twee Palms along the Uniab River (photos below by Ursula van Zyl). A positive Identification of the male was not possible due to the low-light conditions. The deaths of the only two adult male lions in the northern section of the population (Hoanib & Hoaruseb Rivers) during the past three months have created a vacuum that should attract young adult males. Several lionesses in both the Okongwe and Floodplain Prides have recently been in oestrous and they will be looking for adult males in order to mate and produce cubs. Simon van Zyl (of CPP) sponsored two new tires for the research vehicle. TrenTyre in Walvis Bay fitted the tires and also donated a steel rim as a third spare wheel. Fieldwork will hopefully continue soon