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17 Apr 2014. Giraffe Carcass. The “Five Musketeers” and two lionesses of the Floodplain Pride quickly consumed the entire giraffe carcass. Their last recorded kill was more than a week ago and the sub-adult male (“Tullamore” Xpl-93) that got separated from the group had not eaten for 2 weeks. With their full bellies all the lions took to the shade and there was little sign of the struggles and food shortages they had to endure during the past 1 – 2 weeks. There is concern over the whereabouts and wellbeing of the Queen (Xpl-10). She was last observed on 5 Apr 2014 (see below) when she returned to find the missing male (Xpl-93). Efforts are underway to locate Xpl-10.

As part of a collaborative project with Emsie Verwey of Wilderness Safaris on the ecology of carnivores in the lower Hoanib River, a brown hyaena was immobilised at 03h30 this morning. More details will follow in tomorrows News update.