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3 Aug 2015. Mating "Musketeer". Xpl-91 “Ben” displaced his four brothers and stayed with the lioness Xpl-59. They were observed copulating several times during the day. Xpl-93 “Tullamore” joined the Pride lionesses on the Hoanib Floodplain whilst the remaining three males moved south of Amp’s Poort.


2 Aug 2015. Mating "Musketeers". The Hoanib Pride lioness, Xpl-59 “E=MC^2”, did not conceive when she mated with some of the “Five Musketeers” during mid July 2015 (see 10 & Jul 2015). Two weeks later she came into oestrous again and the “Musketeers” found her in the same part of the Hoanib River. Two of the “Musketeers” (Xpl-90 “Polla” & Xpl-91 “Ben”) remained with the lioness. Even though the males are only 3.5 years old (males are sexually mature at 4 years) they were both observed copulating successfully with the 11-year-old lioness.