Namibia - Conservation First - Covid Chronicles

visits the desert lion regions

The conservation first teams are visitimg the north west and skeleton coast area in Covid time. Searching for the desert adapted lions and visiting the Desert Lion Conservation trust.

Covid Chronicles is presented by Ultimate Safaris Naturalist Guide, Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau.

14 episodes visiting north west Namibia, Desert Lion Conservation and the local communities in the area. 

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28 october - Episode 66: Searching for Charlie - Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Today marks the end of the Covid Chronicles Series and the last episode with Desert Lion Conservation Trust. What an incredible journey and life changing experience! I hope that we, in a small way at least, managed to create a more informed sense of awareness of the conservation efforts in the field, and in this Episode 66, with the Desert Adapted Lions.
Naturalist guide Alpha Tjai-Tjai Mau summarises our expedition to the Hoanib River system in search of the lioness Charlie and delves into the history and research beginning of Dr Philip Stander, founder of the Desert Lion Conservation Trust.

In this episode will take you to remote and fascinating landscapes few humans have seen, as we share with you amazing footage of desert adapted lions on the Hoanib Flood Plains and the southern Gravel Plains…

But it does not stop here….
We hope you enjoy our final Episode 66.

25 October - Episode 65: FUTURE WITH LIONS - Desert Lion Conservation Trust

In this penultimate episode of the NAMIBIA – CONSERVATION FIRST – COVID CHRONICLES series Dr Philip Stander and a host of  familiar stakeholders in the Desert Lion Conservation effort elaborate on their views and contributions towards a future with lions in Namibia. This episode provides insights into how we as local and global travellers can collaborate with the teams in the field to ensure the future of desert adapted lions in Namibia.


21 october - Episode 63: The Ugab Male - Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Today we join Dr Philip Stander on an exciting collaring operation of a male lion in the Ugab River. This collar will assist hugely in mitigating lion human conflict through the pioneering early warning systems being rolled out in north western Namibia.


19 0ctober - Episode 62: Lion Rangers - Desert Lion Conservation Trust

The Lion Ranger program’s goal is the long-term sustainable management of human lion conflict with communities in North West Namibia, in order to ensure the continued survival of the desert-adapted lions  and ensure their survival brings about tangible benefits to the communities living with lions.
The biggest threat to desert-adapted lions is retaliation following human lion conflict and the Lion Ranger program aims to remove this threat. 

In Episode 62 we introduce you to some of the Lion Rangers that we met in the field. Felix Vallat of @TOSCO provides a brief overview of their support while Linus Mbomboro, Cliff Tjikundi and Rodney Tjavara give us more detailed insight into their valuable operation.

16 october - Episode 61: Naturalist Guiding and Tracking, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Join Ultimate Safaris Naturalist Guide, Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau as he travels south through some amazing landscapes and historic areas, in search of more desert adapted lion. The Covid Chronicles team, moves south from the ephemeral rivers of the //Huab to the Ugab river.

14 october - Episode 60: A //Huab Lion Darting, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

A much anticipated episode to the Desert Lion section of Covid Chronicles - join the team of lion rangers, human wildlife conflict support unit and Dr Philip Stander at night. This episode focuses on the collaring of the Obab lionesses in the //Huab river system. Enjoy this Covid Chronicles style of action conservation in action!

12 october - Episode 59: Human Wildlife Support Team, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

In this episode we get one on one time with some incredible members of the Human Wildlife Support Team to find out what they do in the bush. Human wildlife conflict, especially in the North West of Namibia is prevalent all over but there are some great initiatives that the team helps to implement, including environmental education with communities.

9 october - Episode 58: Implementation Measures, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Continuing the discussion of the North West Human Lion Conflict Management Plan, the Coordinator of (IRDNC) Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Russel Vingevoldt, explains what was needed to be implemented and created to carry out the Government of Namibia’s plan for Human Lion Conflict. Dr Philip Stander also talks about the Early Warning System (EWS) and how important technology is in assisting with this issue of conflict.

7 october - Episode 57: A pragmatic approach, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Following Monday’s episode of the Covid Chronicles which looked at Human Wildlife Conflict in the North West of Namibia, specifically Human Lion Conflict, we today delve further into pragmatic approaches to mitigate conflict. Dr Philip Stander of the Desert Lion Conservation Trust and Russel Vingevoldt of IRDNC (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation) discuss the introduction of mitigation measures that have huge positive impacts for the Namibians and lions affected.

5 october - Episode 56: Why Human Wildlife Conflict?, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Today we learn about the realities of human lion conflict with Russell Vingevoldt - (IRDNC) Integrated Rural Development of Nature Conservation Coorindator, Cliff Tjikuundi - (HWC) Human Wildlife Conflict Support Unit Coordinator and Dr Philip Stander. In the episodes that follow, we will have a closer look some of the aspects mentioned in this episode.

2 october - Episode 55: Marine Food Resources, Desert Lion Conservation Trust


The return of lions to the Skeleton Coast and their utilisation of marine food resources seems to have become the most significant development for the area. The desert-adapted lions, which are found within the country's Skeleton Coast region, are the only lions known to target marine life. Among the prey they have been recorded eating are Cape fur seals and cormorants. Our film team accompanies Dr Flip Stander to the Hoanib River research area, where he explains the importance of the marine food resource as an alternative food resource and an important element in mitigating the Human Lion Conflict.

30 september - Episode 54: Naturalist Guiding - Ephemeral Hoanib, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Presented by Naturalist Guide, Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau, we delve into the amazing desert adapted wildlife of the northern Namib Desert. Ephemeral rivers are such a vital lifeline for Namibias unique desert-adapted wildlife and there is no better way to learn about it than being guided by an experienced naturalist guide.

28 september - Episode 53: A Basic Understanding, Desert Lion Conservation Trust

Presented by Ultimate Safaris Naturalist guide, Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau, the Covid Chronicles team spent weeks with Dr. Philip Stander from the Desert Lion Conservation Trust. One of the flagship species of Namibia within the Namib Desert are the desert adapted lion. In this episode you will learn about the history and the expansion of the range of these unique carnivores within their biome.

Some of the key points covered is the importance of long term studies on a species which is the catalyst for implementing successful longterm conservation strategies.


25 september - Introductory Episode: Desert Lion Conservation Trust

With this introductory episode to the Desert Lion Conservation Trust the #namibia #conservationfirst #covidchronicles begin broadcasting from the remote north west of Namibia, focusing on conservation of Namibia's majestic and resilient desert adapted lions. Join our crew on this behind the scenes documentation of the long term conservation and research by Dr. Philip Stander on desert adapted lion.

This last segment of the series, Covid Chronicles is presented by Ultimate Safaris Naturalist Guide, Alpha Tjai-Tjai-Mau.