New fittings of Early-warning collars

Monday 15 October 2018

After fitting three EW collars and a satellite collar to key lions in the Ugab /Huab area, attention was turned to the northern areas of human-lion conflict. A substantial amount of time was spent in the difficult mountainous terrain of the upper Obab, Barab, Aub, Hunkap, Mudorib and Obeb Rivers. Breakthroughs were made when important lions from the areas around Onjoka, Orowau, Elephant Song, Ganamub and Mbakondja were captured and fitted with EW collars. more >>

Early-warning and monitoring systems

Friday 14 September 2018

Two adult male lions from the Orowau and Hunkap Prides were located and fitted with Early-warning collars. Four adult lionesses were also immobilised and fitted with the new collarsSince May 2018 a total of 17 new collars have fitted to lions: 4 satellite collars and 13 Early-warning collars. more >>

Human-Lion Conflict Management – Ugab River

Tuesday 28 August 2018

During the past month the Desert Lion Project invested a lot of time, resources and energy by collaborating with the Ministry of Environment & Tourism in addressing the human-lion conflict problem in the White Lady / Brandberg area of the Ugab River. more >>

Human-lion Conflict Management == == Scenery

Wednesday 1 August 2018

The Ugab male, Xpl-110 who was translocated to the mouth of the Ugab River, has returned to the White Lady Lodge. == == Large areas of spectacular landscapes were covered in search of lions. The area between the Hoanib and Ugab Rivers was particularly beautiful. more >>

Incidents of human-lion conflict increased in the White Lady area of Brandberg

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Incidents of human-lion conflict increased in the White Lady area of the Brandberg during the past few weeks. The adult male, Xpl-110 who was involved in the killing of 172 sheep in Jan 2018, entered the White Lady Lodge perimeter on several occasions, killed livestock and moved through the campsites. more >>

Early-warning and monitoring systems == == Scenery & Wildlife movements

Friday 20 July 2018

During the past two weeks additional funding has been secured for the of implementing the NW Human-lion Conflict Management Plan. == & == The late rains during April 2018 has resulted in unusual movement patterns of some wildlife species, such as Hartmann’s zebra, gemsbok and springboks. Large areas are devoid of wildlife and many of the lion prides are struggling to find sufficient food. more >>

Purros Lion Problem == Brown Hyaena Study

Tuesday 3 July 2018

The male lion that was translocated to Sarusas spring after causing problems around Purros at the end of May 2018 has disappeared. == The breeding female of the Amp’s Poort brown hyaena clan was immobilised to replace a faulty radio collar. more >>

Mowe Bay Cabin == Orphan cubs & Floodplain Pride

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Weimann’s Carpentry from Swakopmund erected the new cabin in a remarkable period of less than five days. During the next few weeks the plumbing, ablutions and solar power will be fitted. == The Floodplain Pride and the three Orphan females were observed on several occasions. The adult lioness Xpl-69 was located in the lower Hoanib River where she was observed hunting giraffes. more >>

Purros Problem Lion & Humpback whale

Sunday 3 June 2018

About the young adult male lion that caused problems around Purros at the end of May == On 29 May 2018 a dead Humpback whale washed ashore at Mowe Bay. Measurements and biological data were collected. The whale measured 10.2 metres in body length. more >>

Movie Premier & Book Launch and the Purros Lion Problem

Thursday 24 May 2018

On 9 May 2018 the final premier of the film, Vanishing Kings II – Desert Legacy, was held at the Namibian National Theatre in Windhoek. +++ For several weeks an adult male lion has been reported moving along the Gomatum River to Purros where livestock losses occurred more >>