Earth Focus Production by Eastern Broadcasting Company, Taiwan

In December, 2019, Claire Su (Shu Menglan), the passionate and articulate producer of Earth Focus, a Nature and Humanities documentary series on the media and TV channels of Taiwan’s leading Eastern Broadcasting Company, spent many days with Dr. Philip Stander capturing the history and story of the plight of the Vanishing Kings, the desert lions of Namib. 

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These astonishing lions have adapted their skills and behaviour to survive in the bewildering splendor of Namib Desert’s spartan conditions and the Skeleton Coast, although only a few prides now remain.  Accompanied by Eunice Wang of Eunique Travel, coordinator and producer of this and other ecological media expeditions, Su followed the lives of Charlie and No. 69 as they tracked and hunted ostrich, climaxing in a tragic but spectacular kill.  Through their efforts, Su and Wang hope to help bring attention to, interest in and ultimately resources to aid the desert lion initiative that has been the sole dedication of Dr Stander’s life and work for the past 30 years.  The episode (with English subtitles) can be found at: