Flash floods - 4Deserts Namib Race - Early-warning systems test

Saturday 5 May 2018

Recent flash floods

Flash floods along the ephemeral river systems during the recent rains have changed the shape of the major rivers. The Huab River (below left) and the Koigab River (below right), in particular, were altered by large volumes of water that rushed to the ocean.


Testing of Early-warning systems

The first Logger Early-warning systems that was erected at Driefontein in the Torra Conservancy on 23 Apr 2018 was tested thoroughly. The unit responded well to an Early-warning radio collar that was mounted on the Rapid-response team vehicle of Cliff Tjikundi and provided accurate early-warning alerts. An initial snag with the satellite modem communications between the Driefontein Early-warning unit and the central server was corrected. Two lions fitted with Early-warning collars moved along the Springbok River towards Driefontein on 30 Apr 2018, but not close enough to trigger the Logger Early-warning unit. These movements, however, provided an opportunity to test the secondary Early-warning system that relies on the daily movements of lions fitted with satellite collars. Torra Conservancy and the Driefontein residents were informed of the lion movements and they responded by moving their livestock away from the area.


4Deserts Namib Race 2018

Racing the Planet hosted the third endurance foot race in the Skeleton Coast Park between 28 Apr and 5 May 2018. The Desert Lion Project provided logistical support to ensure the safety of the 100 international athletes that participated in the race that started at Ugab Gate and ended at Torra Bay. For more information on the race – see Racing the Planet.




Brown hyaena sightings

During the course of the 4Deserts Namib Race a total of 12 brown hyaenas were observed. An active den was located near the Koigab River where six different hyaenas were spotted. Observations of brown hyaenas carrying seal carcasses indicated the presence of a second den east of Torra Bay.