Elefant calves

Wednesday 4 October 2023

After leaving the giraffe carcass, the ”Orphan” lionesses rested on the banks of the Hoanib River, where they had a few encounters with elephants that were feeding along the riverbank. Watching the lions (and elephants) over a two-day period, was beautiful. The social dynamics within the elephant heard was fascinating, and especially their attentiveness and care for the small calves.


Elephant herd discovers lions on the bank of the Hoanib River, and chase them away
Video: 5

Elephant mother attends to her small calf
Video: 7, Photo: 23

Elephants scale riverbank and gather under the shade of a Faidherbia tree
Video: 6

The “Orphan” lionesses and small cub observe elephants moving past the on the second day
Video: 8