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Friday 20 July 2018

Early-warning and monitoring systems

During the past two weeks additional funding has been secured for the of implementing the NW Human-lion Conflict Management Plan. Incidents of human-lion conflict occurred at Ganamub village and again at White Lady Lodge. Both cases were investigated and efforts are ongoing to fit Early-warning collars to lions.

Okongwe Mountains / Hoanib River

The spoor of an adult male that killed four cattle near Ganamub village was followed for four days. The lion eventually moved into an inaccessible mountainous area and the search had to be postponed. The three lionesses that were recently collared were monitored and the fourth lioness in the Hoanib River has produced a litter of two cubs.


Obab / Barab Rivers

An adult male lion that utilises the Barab and upper Obab Rivers was observed followed for two days. He was immobilised and fitted with a GPS Early-warning collar.

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Ugab River

The human-lion conflict problem that occurred at White Lady Lodge in January 2018 continued as the adult male killed many livestock. The lion also visited the White Lady painting that disrupted the tourism activities in the area. In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment & Tourism, the Tsiseb Conservancy and IRDNC, efforts are currently underway to resolve the problem.


Scenery & Wildlife movements

The late rains during April 2018 has resulted in unusual movement patterns of some wildlife species, such as Hartmann’s zebra, gemsbok and springboks. Large areas are devoid of wildlife and many of the lion prides are struggling to find sufficient food. During the past two weeks the area between the Hoanib and Ugab Rivers were covered in search of lions. Large areas of spectacular landscapes were found without a sign the usual concentrations of springboks, gemsboks and Hartmann’s zebras.



Brown Hyaena Study

An adult male brown hyaena of the Amp’s Poort brown hyaena clan was immobilised and fitted with a GPS radio collar. Several spotted hyaenas were also observed during the efforts to dart lions and brown hyaenas.