Mowe Bay seal colony

Thursday 26 December 2019

With the increase of tourism activities at Mowe Bay it has become necessary to develop guidelines for tourism operators and guests visiting the Cape fur seal colony to avoid disturbance to the breeding colony. After discussions with the Ministry of Environment & Tourism & the Ministry of Fisheries, and by following guidelines used in Victoria, Australia, the DLP propose the following structure.

  1. Using the existing track (see Map 1) as the boundary, vehicles and people may not move beyond the red line and enter into the colony as has been happening indicated by the yellow lines. Also see Map 2 for more detail.



  2. Due the prevalence of highly infectious diseases, such as Sarcoptic mange that affects both humans & carnivores, seals may not be approached closer than 30 meters and domestic dogs may not come within 50 meters of the colony. 
  3. We should aim during the early part of 2020 to pack rocks to separate the seals and vehicle access, and erect signboards to aid the process.