Kowarib HWC part 2

Sunday 23 February 2020

The wounded lioness near Kowarib was fitted with a satellite collar in June 2019. Early in Feb 2020 she and her three 6-month old cubs moved close to Kowarib. On 8 Feb 2020 she was shot (see map). The bullet severed her right femur and she moved into the hills with her cubs. A considerable effort was made to locate her and the cubs. The injured lioness died 10 days later on 18 Feb 2020 and 6.3km from where she was shot. Efforts to locate & rescue the cubs continue.

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In the northern section of the study area a lioness gave birth to three cubs in the Hoanib area after mating with a new male that has now settled in the area. A group of three lionesses from the central part of the study area moved almost 100km north to visit the Hoanib River. Two young lionesses are regularly utilising the dune and coastal habitats of the Hoanib area.