Renewal Desert Lion Conservation website

Friday 9 March 2018

For the past 12 years, since February 2006, the Desert Lion Conservation Project maintained an active website that presented current information on the research project and the activities of the desert-adapted lion population. The site provided a steady flow of information, especially between 2009 and 2016 with near-daily updates, that was valued by a wide range of interested parties, including the tourism industry, the local communal conservancies, conservation bodies and wildlife enthusiasts.

Due to the recent growth and expansion of numerous internet social-media platforms, it became necessary to upgrade the Desert Lion Conservation website in order to compete with aggressive social-media sites that used our information out of context. During June 2017, it was decided to stop further updates and to develop a new website that would be more competitive and efficient.

In association with Luuk Eikelboom (CARE), Desert Lion Conservation is pleased to announce the launch of the new website. The website is still under construction, but we are aiming to provide monthly or weekly updates (depending on the availability of news-worthy information) and to incorporate all the relevant historical information.

Although the Desert Lion Conservation website was static since Jun 2017, the research and monitoring activities have continued. A summary of some activities are presented under the various headings of the renewed website.


The Desert Lion Conservation Project is proud to announce the publication of a book, called “Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert”, by PHP Publishing. The book was compiled in collaboration with the Vanishing Kings Foundation. All proceeds from the book sales will go directly to Desert lion conservation.