Kunene and northern ephemeral rivers

Saturday 13 June 2020

The northern ephemeral rivers (the Hoaruseb, Khumib, Sechumib, Nadas, Munutum and Engo) and the perennial Kunene River were surveyed in the Skeleton Coast National Park for any recent signs of lion and other large carnivore activities. Fresh signs of brown hyaena activity were observed throughout the area and an individual was observed at the mouth of the Kunene River. Cheetah tracks were found along the Hoaruseb and Engo rivers, but no recent signs of lions or other large carnivores were observed during the survey. DLCT accompanied the Ministry of Environment and Tourism on a trip through the dune-belt from the mouth of the Kunene River to the Hartmann’s valley .

Searching for lion and other carnivore tracks along the Skeleton Coast

Brown hyaena at the mouth of the Kunene River

Fos do Cunene

Negotiating the dunes between the coast and the Hartmann’s valley