Aerial Survey and Ground Monitoring

Tuesday 25 May 2021

METF spearheaded an aerial survey of the distribution and abundance of prey animals, and the recent rainfall patterns in the Northwest of Namibia. Based out of Palmwag, the MEFT used their helicopter to conduct the survey and approximately 10 flying hours were used to survey an area of roughly 18,000km2 between the Ugab and Hoaruseb rivers. The survey provided valuable information on the spread and extent of rainfall as well as concentrations of wildlife. more >>

Survey and Monitoring

Saturday 15 May 2021

Extensive rain showers that reached some of the more barren parts of the Skeleton Coast National Park late in the rainy season may have turned the tables for the wildlife populations. But is is yet unclear how broadly and how much precipitation the desert received and how quickly the wildlife and lion populations will recover from the hyper-arid conditions that prevaled. more >>

Brandberg Human Lion Conflicts

Friday 7 May 2021

A story by Helge Denker: " Sometime after 11 O'clock at night, I am abruptly woken from deep sleep. My wife, Irene, suddenly sits up next to me. I also sit up and through the mosquito gauze of our tent door see an animal facing us in the moonlight, perhaps five metres away but partly obscured by a knee-high shrub. I think it's an inquisitive spotted hyaena. The animal only looks at us for a short moment, then fades into shadow as it walks towards and past the side of the tent. There it turns, pauses – and attacks with a chilling growl. " more >>

Times of Hardship

Saturday 1 May 2021

The desert-adapted lion population of Northwest Namibia is facing starvation and increased levels of human-lion conflict. Due to below average rainfall for several consecutive years and aggravated by recent adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat combined with sand and dust storms, the Northern Namib has experienced hyper-arid conditions. more >>