Torra Bay Updates. 25 & 26 dec

Thursday 29 December 2022

The lioness Xpl-108 spent the entire day/night hunting terrestrial animals in the Uniab Delta area. She attempted several hunts on springboks and ostriches. Whenever she spotted gemsbok, even at distances of >2 kms and especially when juvenile animals were present, she would embark on a long and intensive stalking process. During the night, however, she killed and consumed a smallish animal, most likely a gemsbok calf or a juvenile springbok. more >>

Lioness at Torra Bay

Monday 26 December 2022

The Obab lioness Xpl-108 arrived at the coast on 18 Dec 2022. After killing a large Cape fur seal during the early morning hours of 19 Dec 2022, she proceeded to drag the carcass for a total distance of 4.1km. Across a large salt pan and then to the very top of the white granite ridges close to the main road (see map & images below). There she lay for three days eating her carcass in peace and watching every movement of the angling parties on the beaches. more >>

Floodplain Pride

Monday 26 December 2022

The two Orphan lionesses brought their two small cubs to the coast for the second time. They spent several hours on the beach, but by early morning as vehicle traffic increased, the lionesses dragged the seal carcass across the main road, over a large ridge, and out of view. After the lions consumed the seal carcass and vacated the area, biological samples were collected from the seal remains. more >>

Update on lions and anglers at Torra Bay

Thursday 22 December 2022

After moving inland for 22 days, the Obab lioness Xpl-108 returned to the coast on 18 Dec 2022 (see map). Shortly after nightfall she reached the coastline at point X4 on the map. She caught and consumed a small Cape fur seal pup and continued moving northwards along the beach. She scavenged on a shark that was presumably the by-product of an angler’s catch the previous day, before catching an adult female or sub-adult male seal. more >>

Coastal movements and human-lion conflict management at Torra Bay

Friday 2 December 2022

During the past year several groups of lions have frequented the coastal habitats and have utilised marine food sources (mainly Cape fur seals) between the Koigab seal colony, the Uniab Delta and the Hoanib River mouth. The discovery of Cape fur seals and other marine food items by the Desert lion population is a significant development from both a biological and conservation point of view..... more >>